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Simple Pricing

$10 /month

  • Get your dream cover in a few minutes
  • Generate with curated aesthetics
  • Download in a release-ready format
  • Create unlimited covers
  • Customize your cover with a simple editor

What is Daft?

Daft is a platform for musicians, producers, bands, podcasters, and artists that allow them to create album and track covers with AI.

How does it work?

Choose an aesthetic, describe your artwork and hit generate. You can generate as many as you want until you create an artwork you like. Customize the cover by adding your album or track title. Then, download it.

Is it free to use?

No, Daft Art is no longer free to use, you must subscribe to the Pro plan to start creating artworks.

How much does it cost?

The Pro plan costs $10/mo or $89/yr for full access to all features.

Why is it too cheap?

Thanks to AI and recent advances in AI-generated images, it's possible to create high-quality art without spending thousands of dollars.

Why is it too expensive?

Generating artworks with AI still costs money for the computing power used, curating the aesthetics and getting it in a high resolution.

Do I own the rights of the cover?

Yes, Daft doesn't hold any rights on the artworks produced and you're free to use them in whatever you want.

Can I add my album/track title to the artwork?

Yes, we just released a feature that allows you to add your album title and artist name to the cover. You can even customize the text color, font and overall style.

What does it mean to be in beta?

It means that we're in experimentation mode, we might change how certain features work but we can assure you that you'll be always able to create and download artworks. If a certain update has impacted you, for example, you can't download previously-created artworks, please reach out and we'll help.

How can I contact you?

If you encountered a problem, have feedback or just wanna reach out, just send us an email to

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Explore some of the artworks that have been made on Daft Art by artists like yourself, if you are wondering what the final cover might look like!

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